The Oasis House staff uses Trauma Informed Care practices with women who seek services. Our experience shows us that women experiencing trauma come from all walks of life, and their journeys have been quite different from each other. We do not believe in a "cookie-cutter" approach. Our methods are holistic in nature; working with the left and right brain, the eyes, ears, scents, tastes, and touches. This allows us to reach each woman in a more unique way.


  • Human Trafficking Education and Awareness Presentations
  • Street and Cyber Outreach
  • Emotional Support
  • Residential Housing
  • Case Management
  • Referral System
  • Professional Development for Volunteers and Students

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Exciting Women of the Roundtable Programming such as:

  • Bible Study
  • Book Club
  • Walking in Nature
  • Art Therapy
  • Mentorship
  • Educational Classes:
    • Women in Scripture: a study of some of the great women of the Bible and much more.
    • Chicken Soup for the Mind, Body, and Spirit: a 5-step guide to managing emotions and breaking the cycle of anger. It is geared toward women and helps dispel some of the old norms that have contributed to the stifling of emotions in an unhealthy way.
    • Music Therapy: a health-oriented process where music experiences and client-therapist relationships are used to support individual and group improvements in health and wellness. Provided by the undergraduate music therapy students of the University of Dayton.
    • Boundaries: when to say Yes, How to say No. Take control of your Life.
    • The Ultimate Source: a personal development system that teaches practical application of essential life skills, developed by Kathrine Lee, Co-Founder, Pure Hope Foundation.
  • And Much More...
    • We offer mentoring, residential housing, case management, street outreach, and cyber outreach. Please note that our jail and prison ministries have been stopped during Covid-19, but we hope to resume them at a future date.
    • Additionally, we have a solid network of local community, state-wide, and national partners to help provide links to valuable resources.
    • If you are interested in learning more about any of these exciting prorams, contact Oasis House at 937-898-7811.

Request a Speaker

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Need help?
Call our office at: 937-898-7811.  Office Hours vary. We will respond within one business day.
However, if this is a crisis situation or after hours, call the Montgomery County Human Trafficking Hotline: 937-225-4357
or the National Anti-Human Trafficking Hotline: 888-373-7888