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Personal Consequences of Sex Industry Work Facts:
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is widespread in the sex industry
  • PTSD is usually attributed to childhood abuse and/or sex industry-related trauma
  • A substantial number of these women are:
    • homeless
    • single mothers of multiple children
    • under-educated
    • medically uninsured
    • have a high rate of untreated health-related problems
    • often have legal problems
  • Women involved in the adult sex industry who have experienced trauma often feel shattered and hopeless
  • Some escape the lifestyle, but with limited resources many find themselves "trapped" in the business
  • Many have been attacked, exploited, and humiliated; mind-altering substances often are sought to temporarily mollify the physical and emotional pain
  • The most prevalent mental health symptoms are in the mood and anxiety spectrums, but are often coupled with addiction to substances
CITATION: Anklesaria A, Gentile JP. Psychotherapy with Women Who Have Worked in the "Sex Industry." Innovations in Clinical Neuroscience. 2012;9(10):27-33..
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